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Mastering the art of real estate sales!

Authored by: Ashwinder R Singh (Residential real estate expert & Best selling author)

Champions (in this case residential real estate sales Ustaad) are not brought up in a plush cradle with a melodious lullaby being sung around them!

They are crafted in the rough and tough milieu of the streets, fighting the hardest and emerging victorious purely on the basis of their talent, skills, and traits that truly differentiate them from the rest of their ilk. In every field of life, it takes grit, determination and a never-say-die attitude to snatch victory from the jaws of failure!

It is no different for the real estate sector, which might look reasonably undemanding and routine from the surface, but scratch it a bit and you will find sagas of wars fought with poise and perfection to win the stacks and become the leaders of the pack.

To become invincible and a true champion of Real Estate and to master the art of residential real estate sales, there are certain imperative qualities that you must possess. Some of them you may be born with, but most of these you need to acquire and learn to make your mark in the real estate sales market.

Here is what I am talking about!

1) Be a Man, Not A Boy!

First of all, I am not making a gender-specific point here, but it largely relates to the adage that this is not a child’s game. To be successful in an industry that is really cut-throat and squeezes every iota of energy out of you requires a personality that can handle it in a cool and suave manner. You must be a risk-taker as a person and be equipped to keep yourself calm in periods of extreme highs and lows. Such is the nature of the real estate world that it functions in cycles of ups and downs, so one should have the heart to laugh out loud even when going through a phase of extreme lows!

2) Persistence and Smart Working Attitude

Once you are sure of what you want, the next step is to go all out and work towards attaining it. Hard work is very important, but more imperative is the smart technique of doing things. Being the master of the game when it comes to information about your neighborhood, about what your potential customers want, what are the buyers’ and sellers’ needs, these vital points are absolute musts to know! Be ready to work at all times, whether it’s 6 am in the morning or an off day for you. You’ve to be persistent and be there for your customers to clear all their doubts and queries. For that, be tech-savvy; gather all data required to make a sale, use different means of communication as per your customer’s convenience. For example, text those customers who want SMS conversation! Call those who are comfortable talking on the phone, connect on emails and Skype chat who are gadget-friendly and are comfortable using online resources, so on and so forth. Do not restrict yourself to closed means of communication. Be open to adaptation. Just make sure the customer thinks and rightly believes that you are there to help them genuinely and ready to work around their comfort zones.

3) Building Trust

This is one of the most basic requisites not only for one sale but for a long-term association with your clients. From the time you meet the client, you have to win their trust. The simplest way to do so is to explain the whole process of buying/selling to the client in an upfront manner. The things to do, obstacles on the way, approximate time to be consumed, etc. are the things that will help the client to gather the confidence that he is dealing with a well-informed person and not shooting in the dark. You should be confident enough to give testimonials of at least 10 clients you dealt with successfully, whether or not it reached a conversion. You have to be sure that all have something positive to say about you, to your potential client, with upfront confidence.

4) Detailing

God lies in the details and this holds true if you want to succeed as a residential real estate sales guy! Not only should you be aware of your client’s needs, but you should also have accurate and detailed data to support your suggestions for their needs. With technology being used in every sphere of life, use spreadsheets, charts, and maps to help a client make the best decision. From choosing the right locality to finding the best-suited property to purchase, everything must be supported by detailed information about laws and taxes of the area, previous sales in the locality, and return on investments, etc. Listen attentively; be quick with your replies and responses whether it is on mails or phone calls, and make sure that every little nuance about your client is known to you as far as their real estate requirements are concerned. Ask questions, as many you want, (read legitimate) and be ready with the answers.

5) Be the Ultimate Ustaad

To be the guru of all sales agents in the area, you must be at the top of your game. Be self-motivated with an intimate knowledge of your work area, be ready with facts and figures anytime the client asks for it, and make a client feel that you’re there to help them with this deal in the best possible manner. Any customer would want to deal with an expert who knows what he is saying and doing what he says. You cannot and you should not, camouflage or fake it. Hence, gain knowledge, hone your skills, work really on the grounds and create an impression based on real-time work and not just bogus air around you!

6) Art of Closing

The art of closing a residential real estate sales or say, a deal is a really special one that needs to be learned and perfected! To be a Master Closer, you need to listen, adapt, learn and understand problems and use a lot of wits, enthusiasm, and positivity to solve them. Just closing a deal is like Salman Khan starring Kick; just watch, enjoy, and forget it the moment you’re out of the theatre. To be a Master Closer is like Aamir Khan starring 3 Idiots! It is magical, thought-provoking makes a difference to your life, and it should stay with you as an experience. One last point about closing: consider a deal being closed only when the cheque credits in the account, till then, it is only a prospective client!

7) Go On and On and On

Sitting on the laurels after closing your last big deal, is akin to running towards failure. Ask me why? Well, Real Estate Business can’t be run on auto-pilot. You have to be on it every minute, day after day, generating leads, closing deals, getting new leads, and making sure that your pipeline is always full with prospective customers. Be proactive! That’s the secret of being super successful in the business so that every day gives you new opportunities to explore.

These top seven points can help you be the leader of your trade and even build an empire where other sales guys from the industry would want to copy you, be inspired by you, and even want to join you.


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Authored by: Ashwinder R Singh (Residential real estate expert & Best selling author) Champions (in this case residential real estate sales Ustaad) are not brought up in a plush cradle with a melodious lullaby being sung around them! They are crafted in the rough and tough milieu of the streets, fighting the hardest and emerging…

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